Development update

We are glad to announce that the private alpha test is closing soon. We have started processing and fixing bugs detected during testing.

We also have started preparations for the public alpha test. As soon as we finish fixing any detected bugs and preparatory work, public alpha test will be started.

When contacting us, please kindly take into consideration that our team is relatively small-sized and development of the platform is of top priority for most of our colleagues right now, thus we cannot always respond immediately.

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Exchanges update

We are glad to inform you that GGS is listed on EtherDelta, and you can start trading from 12:00 CEST (Midday) 20 September.

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Update on future availability of GGS on bittrex

Many of you have asked whether you will be able to trade with GGS on Bittrex.
Bittrex only takes listing a new altcoin into consideration after a certain trading volume has been reached, that is, they do not list completely new coins.
In addition, even when meeting their requirements, Bittrex requires a lengthy compliance review – which has been their optional practice so far, but it seems from now on it may be compulsory. This is due to the SEC announcement of June 2017, which you may be familiar with.
Therefore it is sure GGS will not be listed on Bittrex in the near future.

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All bounty participants should have received their tokens. If maybe you didn’t receive yours first please check if it was accepted:

Signature campaign

Blog/Article bounty

Twitter bounty

Translation Bounty

Token balance is possible to be checked at[YOUR-ETHER-WALLET-ADDRESS]&tag=latest&apikey=BMBJEBIG49PXV6MIJBT8I5QTYCH5SJ6JI4. [YOUR-ETHER-WALLET-ADDRESS] should be changed to your ether wallet address where.
The link will come back with your balance in unit wei, you need to divide with 10^18 to unit ether. We have 18 decimals.

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Distribution of tokens

Distribution of tokens

For the participants of our bounty campaigns tokens will be distributed until 27/07/2017.

The tokens which were acquired during ICO sales are restricted to be transferred for a two months period of time.

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Our ICO ends

Result of our ICO

Our ICO has ended on 20/07/2017 12:00 CEST

We have sold 769,112.62 GGS tokens which means we have 1,104.7872 Eth. This is a little less than we expected. But the development of the platform has been started. The private tests will start at the end of August. Everything is going as we planned.

Thank you for every customer’s trust and contributions.

We will provide you with regular updates.


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GILGAM.ES Announcement

To the attention of users having taken part in ICO:

Many of you have raised concerns about the amount of GGS tokens remaining in the founders’ possession according to our original plans, as the crowdsale is not expected to reach the cap we have aimed at. In order to rationalize the original rates in a fair way, the tokens will be distributed in the following way after the closure of the crowdsale (ICO):

  • Unsold tokens of the original 120m will be burned after the ICO.
  • Instead of 20m GGS, 200,000 tokens will be allocated to founders’ pool (with a 2-year freezing period); all the other founders’ tokens will be burned.
  • Approx. 300,000 tokens of the originally planned 10m will be distributed among the participants of bounty campaigns after the closure of the crowdsale. 200,000 tokens will be maintained for tournaments, further campaigns and for sponsoring purposes for the next two years; the rest will be burned.

This way we wish to ensure maintaining the original proportions of founders’ and free float GGS tokens in the possession of the contributors.

Thank you for your trust and your contributions; we continue to work hard on the project and will provide you with regular updates.

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Our team is growing!

Our team is growing: new members have arrived, we are introducing them on our website or below.
We’ve also updated our LinkedIn (and social media) profiles.

Akos Sallai

Business Development Expert

Graduated from PTE MSc Economics. Has extended experience in Business Development, Project Management, Business Process Re-engineering both in multinational and SME environment. Passionate about transforming new ideas from scratch to successful business models.

Akos Sallai


Berta Bakonyi

Co-ordinator of PR and customer support team

Graduated from PTE in English and linguistics. Extensive experience in marketing, customer support and PR.

Berta Bakonyi

Viktor Hudi

eSport specialist & advisor

eSport specialist & advisor, VOLGARE team founder.

Viktor Hudi


Check them on our site

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New skin for our blog

We have great news today.

We made a new look to our blog on

Now we will write news about several things on the blog such as the rewards of the bounty programs and the winners of the bounty programs, the competitions organized by us and the rewards of the winners of the competitions.

We will write news about the dates when you can sign up for the private alpha, public alpha and public beta. You will be able to read news about the state of the development on the blog.

You will see news about the team if we will have any new members, updates about the cost of the tokens and the end of the freeze time and news about the crowdsale.

You can share your opinion about us or the blog’s new look or you can even give us helpful tips at any time with your comments on the blog or on slack.


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GGS is listed by first exchange

GGS is listed by Crypto DAO

We are happy to announce that our token is listed for the first time on a cryptocurrency exchage. You can check it out on this link.

Thank you Crypto DAO!

We are working with more exchanges like bittrex and shapeshift. We think they will list our token soon.


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