GILGAM.ES Announcement

To the attention of users having taken part in ICO:

Many of you have raised concerns about the amount of GGS tokens remaining in the founders’ possession according to our original plans, as the crowdsale is not expected to reach the cap we have aimed at. In order to rationalize the original rates in a fair way, the tokens will be distributed in the following way after the closure of the crowdsale (ICO):

  • Unsold tokens of the original 120m will be burned after the ICO.
  • Instead of 20m GGS, 200,000 tokens will be allocated to founders’ pool (with a 2-year freezing period); all the other founders’ tokens will be burned.
  • Approx. 300,000 tokens of the originally planned 10m will be distributed among the participants of bounty campaigns after the closure of the crowdsale. 200,000 tokens will be maintained for tournaments, further campaigns and for sponsoring purposes for the next two years; the rest will be burned.

This way we wish to ensure maintaining the original proportions of founders’ and free float GGS tokens in the possession of the contributors.

Thank you for your trust and your contributions; we continue to work hard on the project and will provide you with regular updates.

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