Development update

We are glad to announce that the development of our platform has arrived at a new stage. We have started testing the private alpha version today, which is expected to finish by the first half of November. Meanwhile, registration for public alpha testing is starting on 04 September, for which you are invited at

Furthermore, to the attention of every token holder: after a long period of revising and testing, we have decided to render our tokens to income share equity tokens as follows: our smart contracts will place 5% of incoming revenue to a separate account, from where the amount will be transferred in proportion with the amount of tokens held.

During testing our transactions we found the cost of individual transactions to be very high. With a high currency rate of ETH and a low number of tokens, transaction costs increase our operative expenses to a high degree. From now on, GGS token owners are entitled for 5% of the revenue from the production version.

In case any individual amount to be transferred does not reach 0.1 ETH, it will be held on the account and saved up, to be transferred only at the next occasion.

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