The goal of our project is to create a game platform where the gamers can play from all over the planet. The difference between the other platforms and our platform is that the players will earn crypto currency based GGS tokens instead of in game money. This is better from business view because the investors can trade with these tokens more easily than for example whit skins. Also probably the cost of these tokens will rise because it will be on the crypto exchange like an online currency.

The behaviour of the platform is similar to an online poker site. Because of this the registration is more complicated than it would normally be. For example you can’t registrate if you are younger than 18 years or if your steam account has VAC-ban. Also we require an ID card from Europeans and a passport from outside of Europe (photographed and uploaded) so if someone plays out the anticheat system and we get this person we ban him/her not only his/her steam account.
You can buy our GGS tokens on our site for Ether

To enter the game server you need to have GGS tokens but it depends on the cost of the room you want to enter. The winner team gets all of the tokens. Currently we are developing the platform for CS:GO and Dota2. There are solo and team room as well in both games.

We will organize online tournaments and LANs from both games where you can win GGS tokens.

We started our ICO so you can support us by buying GGS tokens on our crowdsale site:

Our prices

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